Luistone was founded in 1996 in California, as the excellent ecological city operators, Lo Yi Stone group adhering to the "multi-channel, multi form and multi field" business philosophy, sound management and scientific decision-making "attitude, sustained, rapid and stable development.

    We have 19 years of experience in the field of materials, engineering, design, economic and other fields, the achievements of the land Yi Stone today. In the past,  Luistone created excellent corporate values and culture, company development and innovation, to provide comprehensive, thoughtful and meticulous service for customers, realize the maximization of project, brand, sales of three aspects of value for customers; today, Lu Yi Stone in the city's comprehensive operation of the diversified development of the road take great strides, the integration of foreign advanced ecological city construction concept, build the model of eco city construction China characteristics.

    In the future, Lu Yi Stone with a forward-looking vision and professional ability for China's urban construction and development into a more powerful driving force, leading people to a new era of socialist ecological civilization - building beautiful china!