Qualification honor

           Over the past twenty years, we have used our hands and wisdom to create our own influence in the world. Lo Yi Stone, the legend of never fading.

 1490781394116890.pngLuistone won                          

      Rio +20 summit, the United Nations    Secretary General's office of the senior working    group member of the International Green  Economic Association (IGEA), China's  outstanding contribution to the green economy  enterprise] honorary title.

    Luistone, through the urban ecosystem, low  carbon industry and recycling economy,  investment and financing and international  investment to achieve China's eco city construction.

   Luistone is committed to the expansion of eco city construction and promotion, widely participate in Chinese city construction, urban renewal in many city, land use, multi financing, ecological landscape construction and ecological construction has accumulated a wealth of practical experience. Successful operation in China for more than ten years, won a number of high-profile cases and industry honors.