Arthur stone group attended Yang Nan President China sustainable development res

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    Research on China's sustainable development on December 21, the morning, the fifth member representative assembly hall of science and technology of China in Beijing. Printed and distributed by the state council before, vice minister of science and technology xu introduced the "China to carry out the sustainable development agenda 2030 innovation demonstration area construction plan. Xu pointed out that to carry out the sustainable development agenda in 2030 China innovation demonstration area construction is a high starting point, challenge the huge work, many problems need to study, want to study actively involved, for the relevant work to carry out the think-tank, play a good role.

    On the understanding of the current global sustainable development, the sustainable development of China's research director deng nan put forward some suggestion on the future development of research: first, efforts towards the direction of the high-end think-tank; Second is to actively take transfer functions of the government; Three is to provide diversified services for local development; Fourth, actively carry out international cooperation; Fifth, strengthen construction on their own capabilities.

    Yang Nan Arthur stone group President to attend this meeting, China's ecological city construction and promotion and sustainable development of China's interaction with the experts and scholars attending leaders, get the affirmation and support!