Heartfelt thanks to all sectors of the community of Stone's love and support:

    Under the situation of the contradiction between population and resources, economy and environment, the sustainable development has become the common pursuit of mankind. In 2012, the Rio +20 UN Conference on sustainable development focused on "sustainable development and poverty under the background of green economy and promote the sustainable development of the mechanism to eliminate the framework of" two themes, become an important milepost to promote global sustainable development.

    The Party Central Committee and the State Council completed a comprehensive well-off society, to achieve national policy under the guidance of building a well-off society in 2020, according to the six ministries on the development of urban construction planning requirements, from the theoretical research, policy guidance, mode of exploration, experience demonstration, to provide investment in key projects, financing and guidance, out of a road with Chinese the characteristics of urban development model.

    Luistone timely the eco city construction concept and practice experience of foreign countries to introduce advanced Chinese, combined with regional differences in different regions of the China, after 11 years of hard practice, summed up many valuable experience for construction of ecological city China, solves the model towards eco city construction China special problems.

    The great age of people unremitting self-improvement, majestic motherland revival, Lu Yi Stone refers to the mountains and rivers on the popularity of the city building, painted magnificent, beautiful family, China led the green revolution, led the global ecological China.

    Miss Lewis Walter will through 20 years of efforts to achieve full coverage of China eco city construction and promotion, and to the 2032 Rio +20 gift!