The practice of national governance systems and governance capacity modernizatio

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Yang Nan, Luistone group president, as a leader of Chinese eco city construction and promotion of the ecological China shoulder mission, is committed to thinking and methods to promote excellence and construction of the "international ecological city", and as a lifelong goal, combining their professional marketing theory and perfect. While the introduction of ecological city construction concept and experience of foreign advanced China.

December 2nd, the reporter saw the hero of our story. Yang Nan's speech, expressed on the China ecological city construction and promotion, more attention and passion for this cause. Because engaged in a social benefit is far greater than the economic benefits of the industry, at the beginning of the business of Yang Nan was often ridiculed as a fool". Nevertheless, Yang Nan insisted down, shoulder to shoulder the task of building an ecological China, all the time in the practice of eco city construction and promotion of the task. Today, the success of her business is increasingly calm, calm and confident.

Summarize valuable experience in actual combat

Yang Nan studied in the early years of the United States, and in 1996 in the United States founded the California Yi Lu group of Stone. Adhering to the multi-channel, multi form, multi domain business philosophy, as well as sound management, scientific decision-making, the attitude of the work, Lu Yi Stone gradually grow. It is Lo Yi Stone in the field of materials, engineering, design, economic fields and other aspects of the accumulation of 20 years, the achievements of Lu Yi Stone today.

In the difficult years of practice, Yang Nan led the team to relentlessly fight the forefront in the Chinese eco city construction and promotion, travel extensively, the mountains and the countryside, and repeatedly went to the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Holland, Monaco and other countries to study, summed up many valuable experience for the construction of ecological city China.

The development of eco city must be the first in line with the president Xi Jinping stressed that the promotion of national governance systems and governance capacity modernization, which is reflected in Lu Yi Stone particularly thorough. Yang Nan led the company's R & D personnel, continue to explore and discover, break the old pattern of ecological city construction, is no longer the "no overall plan for a fundamental transformation, but will coordinate the city's various" organ ", Co governance. At the same time, the Internet of things technology and network marketing and other advanced management concepts into the construction and promotion of ecological city, in order to achieve a multiplier effect. Especially in this year, Lu Yi Stone joint Xinhua, China Statistical Information Service Center jointly issued the China eco city development evaluation report has become an important indicator of the industry.

The hardships behind, such as drinking water, lengnuanzizhi. Peer questioned, society does not understand, economic distress, employees complain no rice straw...... At that time, Yang Nan described himself as falling into a nothingness, can not find the target, but also can not see hope. But she always believed that she had chosen the right path. Memories of that year, Yang Nan said with a smile: "it's almost over."

December 2015, after a lapse of 37 years, the central city working conference held in Beijing. The meeting held in 13th Five-Year on the occasion of the start, that our city development has entered a new stage of development. Yang Nan seemed to be aware of this earlier.

Although the orthodox western education, but Yang Nan has always insisted on their own ideals and beliefs as communists. She asked the company's employees must learn the party's important programs and documents, recently organized special staff to learn the spirit of President Xi Jinping's 71 speech. Yang Nan said, this is not easy to learn and understand, but to translate into real action: "in the eco city construction and promotion, in particular to a 'confidence in life two hundred years, when the water hammer' courage, must have the courage of self revolution spirit, firm and indomitable perseverance to promote reform, accumulate the courage to surgery years of stubborn chronic malaria, the courage to touch the deep-seated contradictions and interests. In addition, President Xi stressed the "power to become, by it", emphasizing the insight to identify the love, sincerity, with only the courage, let it magnanimity, Jucai recipe, wide open road Jinxian. Replace confrontation with cooperation and win-win instead of monopoly."

Everyone has their own ideals of the city, Yang Nan's imagination for ecological China and national policy can be described as coincide. She believes that China city must adhere to the guiding ideology of economic construction of ecological civilization, the ecological city operators to co-ordinate the overall situation, the core technology of the service provider as the implementation of the eco city carrier, to the eco city system solutions provider for technical support, people-oriented, continuous innovation, breaking barriers and ecological Road and in business model innovation and capital operation with the face of today's complex and diverse world, modern ecological civilization and sustainable development ability.


In September 23, 2016 the first "Internet plus Chinese eco city forum"

    Yang Nan has his own understanding of the concept of eco city. She said, eco city is the result of city ecology development, social harmony, economic efficiency and virtuous cycle of ecological human living form, is the structure of mutualistic symbiosis of nature, the city and the fusion is formed as a organic whole. At the same time, the inevitable choice of ecological city is China in the process of urbanization, paid great attention to the construction of city ecological system in the process of urbanization, resource conservation, environment friendly and sustainable economic and social harmony, innovation leading goal of eco city construction, realize the sustainable development of economy, society and environment, realize the rise of the beautiful Chinese the goal of ecological civilization and Chinese.

    Yang Nan believes that the promotion and construction of ecological city needs government departments, industry departments, academic departments, etc., to mobilize a wide range of innovative personnel to participate in a wide range of ideas, breaking the shackles of ideas. She summed up the two aspects of ecological city construction of vertical and horizontal vertical strategy: including good city construction planning, establish a reasonable evaluation system, establish a good management system and perfect the social supervision system; improve the consciousness of citizens, including horizontal strategy, combined with the innovation and practice of inter regional cooperation, as well as the organic combination of natural ecology and humanistic ecology the.

    In the concrete construction, the formation of balance between human and nature and the city, is the core content of eco city construction, including the construction of ecological infrastructure, city living environment, city ecological city and metabolic network ecological civilization ability four aspects.

    According to Yang Nan introduction, the construction and promotion of ecological city can be described as significant. She said: "first of all, the mechanism framework can establish the sustainable development and poverty eradication under the background of green economy; secondly, the development of new towns to lay the cornerstone of ecological China; thirdly, promote the sustained and healthy development of the new economic norm China; fourth, can be the carrier of people's life."

    Luistone through the continuous development and exploration, summed up a set of unique business model: an ecological city as the core, formed to meet the requirements of city ecological cycle chain system of sustainable development, all kinds of resources in the system of organization and management of Lo Yi Stone, so as to create efficient ecological city environment less load, comfortable and healthy, to people with the one and only ecological living environment.

Ecological city construction and promotion of the source of funds is also sustainable, both debt financing and equity financing, financing mode is very extensive, including its own funds, commercial loans, private equity funds, trusts, bonds financing. Lu Yi investment, portfolio loans, as well as in the demolition process so that the way to become shareholders and other shareholders to form a pool of funds to meet the needs of the project development funds.

The construction project landing open flowers

    Over the past 30 years, China's urban construction has experienced various stages, such as health city, green city, garden city, tourist city, low carbon city, environmental protection city, sponge City, small town development, precise poverty alleviation and so on. "No matter how many nouns are given to the city, it is necessary to solve the problem of organic and symbiotic structure in the process of urban construction." Yang Nan said.