In order to ensure that natural assets can provide more resources and environmental services for human happiness, but also more conducive to promoting economic growth and sustainable development. In the city's transformation and development, the use of a variety of factors, so that the natural, urban and human integration into an organic whole of the formation of reciprocal symbiosis, and ultimately developed into a healthy ecological city. The construction and extension of eco city is to promote the growth of green economy through the development of ecological system.

In the important period of China's economic transformation, ecological city construction and promotion is the trend of the times, it is imperative


The leader of the Chinese eco-city construction and promotion

Luistone won the "Rio +20" summit, the United Nations Secretary General's office of the senior working group member of the International Green Economy Association (IGEA) "China's outstanding contribution to the green economy" honorary title
Luistone, through the urban ecosystem, low carbon industry and recycling economy, investment and financing and international investment to achieve China's eco city construction.
Lu Yi Stone group is committed to the expansion of eco city construction and promotion, widely participate in Chinese city construction, urban renewal in many city, land use, multi financing, ecological landscape construction and ecological construction has accumulated a wealth of practical experience...